International Achievement Recognition Awards confers, highlight outstanding talents, laudable initiatives and recognise the hard work of those in Theatre, Music, Films/TV and the Fashion industry.

This annual prestigious award ceremony was founded in 2014, aimed at celebrating exceptional talents and organisations for excellence, diversity, equality and innovations. 

IARA acknowledges the remarkable achievements of role models who have excelled within their respective industries and have put foundations in place for continued success and expansion. 

We strongly believe that by celebrating, rewarding, raising awareness and empowering people committed to bringing about change; together we can start a new chapter with equal opportunities for everyone.

Our platform create avenues for collaborations amongst artists, maximum international exposure and business opportunities for various individuals by supporting innovations to commend the needs of the society and to the enhancement of quality of lives. Our mission is to inspire the future generation to develop and unleash their potentials in their chosen fields. 

International Achievement Recognition Awards event brings together luminary figures from BBC Films, Top Producers, Iconic Fashion Designers, Politicians, Community Leaders, Business Leaders, Actors & Actresses, Media Personalities and Artists from around the globe. 

At IARA, there is no segregation, we acknowledge the significant efforts of extraordinary talents irrespective of their race, belief, disability, gender, age sexual orientation or religion.